Contracted Partners

Your Marketing Concierge + Mindset Masters, LLC =

Full Service Strategic Business Development from Concept to Completion
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Together, we are a highly experienced and versatile team of powerhouse business development talent with over 35 years of combined experience.

Your Marketing Concierge & Mindset Masters specializes in brand creation, revamping your brand, website design & development, product plans, online marketing, brand strategy, marketing strategy and project management. We work individually or in multidisciplinary teams according to the requirements of each project— all of whom are as strong strategically as they are creatively. We offer clients the effectiveness of a seasoned, cohesive team with the flexibility of engaging the team's members only as needed. Our goal is to become an extension of your brand team and a valuable asset to your company.

We handle all aspects of:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Management
  • Marketing Communication & Sales Plans
  • Marketing Calendar and Tactical Implementation Plans
  • New Product Development Plans
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Speaker & Author Support Services
  • Project Management
  • Survey Development & Analysis
  • List Development
  • Video Production
  • Website Analysis, Design/Re-design & Development
  • Business and Marketing Performance Reports
  • Team Ready Plan Implementation
  • Training and Recruiting

We are experienced architects who will carry the responsibility of designing the customer journey for your brand so that it is engaging, worthy of sharing, and unified, regardless of platform.

Your Marketing Concierge + Michelle Manire =

Full Service Event Planning, Management & Marketing from Concept to Completion

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With more than 25 years of experience as a Strategic Meeting and Conference Manager, and executive in the hotel management business, Michelle is Mindset Masters Marketing Event Guru.

She is Founder & CEO of Coast to Coast Conferences and Events and is actively involved in the local community, holding memberships in many professional associations, including Meeting Professional International, Long Beach Visitors and Convention Bureau, IATA, Long Beach Chamber of Commerce the Downtown Long Beach Business Association.

Michelle completed the Certified Meeting Management (CMM) certification in 2015 and is a graduate of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiative (’12) and Leadership Long Beach (‘09).

Your Marketing Concierge + Bad Egg Sound =

Full Service Music Production from Concept to Completion

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Bad Egg produces music and soundscapes that immerse audiences within a specific experience, whether it is a film, video game, or studio album. We tailor our approach based on each project’s intended goals and maintain our commitment to high quality sound and audio services across all of our projects.

Music Composition: Bad Egg composes original scores and themes for film, television, radio, video games, promotional videos and commercials. They also work with companies to enhance their brand identity.

Sound Design: Bad Egg creates soundscapes with recorded and electronic elements to provide the right kind of audio atmosphere that best complements any visual experience. Through sonic manipulation, they can provide an effect as simple as the sound of a pin drop to an ambience as complex as human emotion.

Audio Engineering: Bad Egg generates sound and audio tracks that are clean, precise, and seamless, based on more than a decade of post-production and production experience in mastering, mixing, editing, and recording.

Artist Production: Bad Egg assists musicians and artists in producing original tracks and albums, not only on the technical side - recording and post-production, but also on the creative side - discovering and directing the best audio approach for each artist.

Music Direction: Bad Egg advises on music direction and sourcing the perfect musical accompaniment for film, television and commercial soundtracks. Bad Egg also provides musical direction for venues looking for a specific atmosphere, such as setting a relaxed mood for a restaurant and lounge or heightening the energy of a club.

Your Marketing Concierge + Scott Parent =

Full Service Social Media Campaigns from Concept to Completion

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Scott Parent is an emerging media evangelist and strategist living in Santa Barbara, CA. For the last 12 years he has been involved in the creation of rich media content and been in pursuit of the tools to help companies deliver it in the most impactful way online.

His goal is to continue to work with people that understand the power of original content and the impact of social communities, and how these conversations can enhance engagement with brands and bring in actionable new leads and insight.

Your Marketing Concierge + am3 adsource =

Full Service Merchandise Marketing from Concept to Completion

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am3 adsource is Passionate about Your Brand. They are an award winning full-service brand promotions agency that is 100% woman-owned and WBENC Certified.

am3 adsource provides a variety of products and surfaces including branded merchandise, custom manufactured specialty items and closed-loop recycling and stewardship programs. We specialize in premiums, consumer engagement and redemption programs. We have worked with a number of premium items including Yeti, Bose and more. am3 adsource is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and is a WBENC Woman-owned certified business.

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Your Marketing Concierge + Hostage Films =

Full Service Visual Direction from Concept to Completion

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  • Commercial and Film Production (Worldwide)
  • Photography
  • Cutting Trailers and Bill Board Creation for Movies