Your Marketing Concierge Partners With Coast To Coast Conferences & Events

We are excited to announce that we officially partnered with Coast To Coast Conferences & Events!

Michelle Manire, President & CEO, started Coast to Coast in 1994 on her foundation of experience in both conference/event planning and hotel/institutional management. With more than 17 years of experience as a strategic meeting and conference manager, and a decade of experience in the hotel management business, she put together a diverse group of professionals to form a first-class event planning and project management team.

We worked together on the Mr. America Event last year and we are excited to work on future events with her!

Visit Coast To Coast Conferences and Events to learn more.

Your Marketing Concierge Partners With Mindset Masters Marketing Agency

We are excited to announce that we have recently partnered with Mindset Masters Marketing Agency!

Together, we are focused on helping you grow your business and supporting you in working through those items that always seem to linger at the bottom of your “to do” list.

Things like…

Revamping your Website or Brand

Developing & Implementing a Marketing Strategy & Tactical Plan


Content Development

Website Management

Social Media Marketing



Conferences & Events

SEO…and more

Our clients view us as an extension of their business and we’d like to do the same for you. Whether you need a one-off project or full blown marketing support, we are here to help! Check out Mindset Masters Full Suite of Services, or Contact Us to schedule your No Cost 30-minute MARKETING CONSULTATION to take your business to the next level!

Increase Your Search Engine Ranking By Securing Your Website

Google is further penalizing websites that lack an SSL Certificate and other security measures in 2017.

An SSL certificate makes it harder to hack your website and now it will also increase your search engine ranking. Google started penalizing websites a few years ago but it has become more important in 2017. We highly recommend purchasing an SSL certificate through your hosting company for a small annual cost that usually starts around $50 and goes up from there. For example, GoDaddy charges $73.99/year for an SSL Certificate for one website. This is a smart purchase if you are looking to increase your ranking and save money by preventing a possible hack that could cost much more in tech support. Below are links to more information about this announcement and the importance of securing your website:

Contact Us Today if you would like help securing your website!

Owl Biomedical - Website Revamp

We are excited to announce that we recently revamped Owl Biomedical's website. We started with a basic html website, a new logo they recently designed and new content they needed to incorporate into their new website. We built a wordpress website and you can view the results below!

For more before and after pictures please visit Owl Biomedical Case Study

You can also visit Owl Biomedical's New Website